At Iconscent.com, we fully support the quality of our merchandise by only providing products of the highest caliber. Although certain items may not have been purchased directly from the product manufacturer, all Iconscent.com merchandise is received from reliable distributors at discounted prices. This enables Iconscent.com to provide its customers with substantially competitive savings. Therefore, Iconscent.com disclaims in specific any display of authorization as a dealer or agent of designers whose merchandise are presented on its website.


Additionally, Iconscent.com denies any and all embodiments or warranties articulated or indicated in reference to this website and its connotations, which also contain the products sold on the Iconscent.com website.


All contents of the Iconscent.com website, including the merchandise offered for sell, are provided as is. Customers of Iconscent.com assent that they have read all the terms and conditions prior to purchase, and that Iconscent.com is not accountable for any adversities that emerge from this site. Such adversities include but are not limited to direct or indirect, accidental, consequential, or punitory afflictions.


With any exclusions to the foregoing, Iconscent.com does not indicate or authorize that the information provided on this website are current, precise, beneficial, valuable, or contain entirety, nor that this website will function without interference or fault.


Customers must be 18 and over to purchase from Iconscent.com . We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason.


Copyright and Trademark Notice


Iconscent.com , LLC


Due to title 17 of the United States Code, Iconscent.com  reserves all rights of copy. All content on the Iconscent.com  website, including any photos, images, words, etc. are the rights of Iconscent.com  , LLC.



By purchasing products from Iconscent.com  , customers agree that the sale of the merchandise transpire and are administered by the laws of the state of New York. Customers also agree that any legal or objective allegations emerging from their purchase must be dealt within the city, state, or federal courts located in New York, New York. Customers also comply with the exclusionary authority and setting of such courts. Iconscent.com   is a New York Limited Liability Company. We are obligated to collect local and county sales tax for all orders shipped within the state of New York.


Terms of Sale


By placing an order you are offering to purchase a product on and subject to the following terms and conditions. All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price.


By Submitting your order at Iconscent.com you agree to Iconscent.com return and cancellation policy.


Dispatch times may vary according to availability. Any guarantees or representations made as to delivery times limited to the USA and subject to any delays resulting from postal delays or force majeure for which we will not be responsible.


In order to contract with Iconscent.com , you must be 18 years of age or over and possess a valid credit or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to us. Iconscent.com retains the right to refuse any request made by you. If your order is accepted, we will inform you by email. When placing an order you undertake that all details you provide to us are true and accurate, that you are an authorized user of the credit or debit card used to place your order and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the goods. The cost of foreign products and services may fluctuate. All prices advertised are subject to such changes.


Title of merchandise is transferred to the customer at the time of delivery by the discharge center to an accepted carrier. Customers are responsible for all international brokerage fees, customs, and import duties of the destination country.


Customers must be 18 and over to purchase from Iconscent.com . We reserve the right to refuse service to any person(s) for any reason(s).



To distinguish the corresponding savings, Iconscent.com may provide price comparisons for each item. MSRP indicates the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, also known as the List Price provided to us by our distributing vendors. Iconscent.com implies no portrayal that a considerable number of any item has been sold or exhibited for sale at the manufacturer list price. Retail prices for any of the items displayed on Iconscent.com may vary depending on the retailer and/or the location. Due to the fact that Iconscent.com products are sold internationally over the internet, we are unable to track our items or predict whether they are or will be sold elsewhere at the suggested retail price.


Iconscent.com also provides its customers with a Your Savings section. This section portrays the difference between the List Price (MSRP) and Our Price, which indicates the amount our customers save on each item. Due to the fact that retail prices differ depending on the retailer and/or the location, the amount of savings from Iconscent.com may not necessarily be obvious. Customers may perform pre-purchase precise comparisons on each item by comparing Iconscent.com prices to other online or local retailers.


Iconscent.com reserves the right to change the price and quantity of its products without prior notification. Technical or price errors will be corrected upon acknowledgement. Due to the large selection of items at Iconscent.com it is possible that price errors may occur from time to time. Iconscent.com   is not required to provide any falsely priced product at the incorrect (lower) price. This rule pertains even after the customer has received an order/shipping confirmation.



Although Iconscent.com   personnel have made every attempt to get the photos of our products as close to the actual merchandise in terms of its placement in the color spectrum, the color of the items depend on the customers monitor. Iconscent.com   does not guarantee that the product descriptions are valid in entirety, preciseness, reliability, or error-free. If an item on Iconscent.com   is not as characterized by the website, the customer may return the product for a refund in the condition it was received (unused).



The information on Iconscent.com   may include typographical faults or incorrectness, and may not always be complete or updated. Iconscent.com   reserves the right to correct any lapses, exclusions, mistake, glitch, and to adjust or alter the information provided at any time without prior notice (including post-submission of the customers order). Such lapses, exclusions, mistakes, or glitches may be in reference to product description, pricing, and/or availability. Iconscent.com   also reserves the right to limit quantities of item availability (including post-submission of the customers order).


Iconscent.com   personnel apologize in advance for any inconvenience such lapses and exclusions may cause our customers. If a customer is not fully satisfied with the price of a purchase, the product may be returned within 14 days with its original packaging along with the original packaging slip. If a mistake is retrieved by Iconscent.com   personnel upon packaging the shipment, the customer will be informed. If a product is accidentally mispriced lower than its Iconscent.com   price, the customer will be given the choice to either pay the balance and receive the product, or be refunded for the amount already paid.



Searching for the perfect gift for beauty and fragrance admirers Look no further. Iconscent.com   E-Gift Certificates are the absolute portrayal of consideration. Iconscent.com   provides your loved ones with the option of choosing from over 10,000 high quality brand-name products. Our E-Gift Certificates never expire, and may be used immediately upon reception. To purchase, simply choose an E-Gift Certificate amount ranging from $25-$500, and add it to the shopping bag. Personalized messages may also be included with E-Gift Certificates e-mailed, and mailed. Personalized messages will be printed on customized Iconscent.com   cards. For further information, please refer to E-Gift Certificate Terms Conditions.


Iconscent.com   E-Gift Certificates have no fees and do not expire, and may be used as cash on the Iconscent.com   website. E-Gift Certificates are redeemable by the recipient after positive credit verification within 48 hours processing time from purchase date. Iconscent.com   E-Gift Certificates are either sent via E-mail within 48 hours of purchase and credit verification, mailed regularly within 3-5 business days for an additional $1.99 per package, or mailed priority overnight (business days)for an additional $29.99 per certificate. In fraudulent cases, Iconscent.com   reserves the right to recede an E-Gift Certificate claim code.


E-Gift Certificates are non-refundable. If lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged, or never received (according to the carriers tracking records) the purchaser or recipient may receive a replacement E-Gift Certificate, only if the original E-Gift Certificate has not yet been used. In which case, the original E-Gift Certificate will be cancelled and will no longer be valid, and a replacement E-Gift Certificate will be provided to the purchaser or recipient.


Coupons and promotions may be applied to Iconscent.com   E-Certificate purchases.


Once an E-Gift Certificate has been applied to a customers store credit, it may not be cancelled, transferred, resold, and reloaded to another account.


Customers may apply E-Gift Certificate balances toward their My Aroma Store Credit Account for future purchases.


The maximum E-Gift Certificate purchase amount is $500.


Purchasers can schedule their E-Gift Certificates to be delivered up to one year in advance.


Customers may not apply an E-Gift Certificate to a previous purchase.


The cost of shipping and handling is not included in the price value of the E-Gift Certificate, and must be paid for separately.


E-Gift Certificates are mailed or e-mailed upon positive verification of credit approval.


Iconscent.com   reserves the right to disable and close a customer’s account if a fraudulent E-Certificate activity is suspected


Refunds on multiple method payments will be issued to the original payment method that was used.


Refunds on purchases made with E-Gift Certificates will be issued to a new E-Gift Certificate claim code.


Refunded E-Gift Certificates will be e-mailed free of charge, refunded E-Gift Certificate standard shipments of 3-5 business days are $1.99 per package, and refunded E-Gift Certificate Priority Overnight shipments (business days)will cost $29.99 per package.


Iconscent.com   E-Gift Certificates are issued by Iconscent.com  , LLC



By choosing to purchase or redeem a Iconscent.com   E-Gift Certificate, customers confirm that they are in compliance with any and all applicable state and federal laws, to the range granted by the law. Iconscent.com   E-Gift Certificates are issued by Iconscent.com  , LLC in the state of New York.



Here at Iconscent.com  , we would like to thank our customers for actively partaking and contributing toward the growth and embitterment of our company. Whether a compliments or constructive criticism, Iconscent.com   appreciates and respects the opinions and advice of its loyal and potential clientele. With the help of your comments and feedback, Iconscent.com   personnel strive to continuously improve the quality of our service, and will review each comment and advice with serious consideration.


Iconscent.com   endeavors to provide the highest quality of service by advancing constantly, and we need the feedback and suggestions of our clientele. Although the majority of feedbacks are sincerely appreciated and analyzed, we urge you to refrain from the use of vulgar and offensive comments. Please be respectful to Iconscent.com   personnel and other customers by abstaining from the use of profane, prejudice, threatening, abusive, misleading, unsolicited, and otherwise vulgar and offensive language in comments and general feedback. Iconscent.com   reserves the right to delete any such comments and feedback that may fall into the above categories.


By submitting comments and feedback to Iconscent.com  , the commentator authorizes that the comment submitted does not violate any third partys intellectual property rights or privacy, is not illegal, improper, abusive, slanderous, discriminatory, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, or injurious to a third party in any manner. Impersonation of anyone is strictly forbidden in the Iconscent.com   comments and feedback. The commentator is solely responsible for the entirety of any content submitted in a comment by him/her on Iconscent.com  . Iconscent.com   reserves the right to screen and delete any comments in violation to the above, but is under no commitment to do so. Iconscent.com   will not be held accountable for violations of Comments and Feedback rules under any condition, now will Iconscent.com   be held liable for any damages caused by such comments. Any comments in violation of the Iconscent.com   Comments and Feedback rules will be screened and deleted as audited by Iconscent.com   personnel.


By submitting comments to Iconscent.com  , the commentator automatically allocates all rights of the comment to us. This means that Iconscent.com   and all affiliates are entitled to perennial, universal, comprehensive, completely sub-licensable, irredeemable, and unchanging right to apply, dispense, duplicate, alter, adjust, candidly implement and exhibit, interpret and construct imitative creations from those comments in any form of media, along with the rights to use the commentators name in association with the comment(s), provided we desire to.


By submitting comments to Iconscent.com  , the commentator indicates that we may conserve an archive signifying the source of the comment(s). The commentator also affirms that Iconscent.com   holds the rights to any material submitted as a comment, and may divulge such material shall we see fit. Iconscent.com  s disclosure of material posted by commentators excludes any restraints so that we may abide to any laws or legal procedures for the enforcement of the user/commentator Terms and Conditions. These rights also enable Iconscent.com   to react in accordance to complaints of violating comments and material, third party rights, and to reinforce the protection of any person(s).



Iconscent.com  reserves the right to delete any comments or material appearing to be unsolicited spam. Proving an e-mail address is a requirement for commenting. E-mail addresses are not shared or announced with other users of Iconscent.com  Private and confidential information will be instantly deleted from the comments section in order to protect the rights of the commenter. Please respect Iconscent.com   personnel and clientele, and refrain from the use of vulgar and offensive language. Any comments appearing vulgar or offensive will be adjusted or deleted.


Please keep comments under 200 words. The posting of external links are prohibited in the comments section. Please abstain from instigation of assault, or clearly assaulting other commenters. Blocked access and/or removal from the site will be the result of posting abusive and disrespectful material. Adding a personal signature to a comment is optional. Personal signatures must be kept to a maximum of two lines, and must exclude external links. Pingbacks and trackbacks are controlled by Iconscent.com  .


Iconscent.com   reserves the right to edit any comments containing grammatical, structural, or spelling errors in order to maintain clarity for other readers. Such edits will be notated at the end of the comment(s). Any usernames including suspicious keywords, information,or spam will be either adjusted or deleted. Any comments pertaining to subjects irrelevant to Iconscent.com   will be either adjusted or deleted. Violators of the above regulations will be blocked from future commenting on Iconscent.com  .


If a comment does not violate any of the above regulations, but does not appear on the site within a reasonable period of time, please e-mail us at Customerservice@Iconscent.com  , so that we may investigate the incident further.




Under no conditions is Iconscent.com  , LLC., any of its affiliated companies, vendors, suppliers, employees, agents, directors, or officers to be held responsible for any direct or indirect adversities or deficits, emerging from or in association with the application or failure of application of this website.


This is an inclusive limitation of liability, releasing Iconscent.com   from any and all deficits or adversities (which may include broad, specific, substantial, minor, accidental, prototypical, commendable or else, including without restraint, data deficit, compensation, or revenue), whether in agreement, neglect, or any other criminal offenses against the law. This inclusive limitation of liability implies regardless to whether a recognized Iconscent.com   representative has been prepared or informed of the possibility of such deficits.


If dissatisfaction arises with the Iconscent.com   website, any of its content, or any of these terms and conditions, the discontinuation of the use of this website is at the sole digression of the user. The user certifies that by using this website, they understand the above terms and conditions, and that their use of this website is at the users own consent.



Iconscent.com   only sends special offers and promotional e-mails to members and customers who request this feature. Our newsletters and announcements will only be sent to those who have registered to receive such special offers. If an unsolicited e-mail has been sent to a user, the user may opt-out of receiving future e-mails by contacting Iconscent.com   at: Customerservices@Iconscent.com


Or,by logging onto the user account to opt-out of receiving promotional e-mails.




To place an order, simply find the item of desire, click the Add to Bag option provided for each item. Once all desired items have been added to the shopping bag, click the Shopping Bag button located on the Bottomright corner of each page. After making all necessary modifications to the shopping bag, continue to check out by clicking on the Checkout option. For a smooth checkout process, please make sure to fill out all the required information accurately. To complete the order, click on the Submit Order button. After submission, a confirmation number will be provided. It is recommended to print a copy of the confirmation for personal records. Please be aware that your billing address must match the billing address of your credit card. Orders without proper address verification will be delayed for further investigation. Iconscent.com   reserves the right to cancel any order that cannot be verified due to a faulty address or invalid bank/credit card information.



If you know the name of the item you are inquiring from Iconscent.com  , simply type the name of the item you are searching for in the Search box, located in the top (RIGHT) corner of every page.



To find an item by brand, click on Shop by Brand to view all available items within a brand.



Every item sold on Iconscent.com   falls under a specific category or department. In order shop under specific categories or departments, refer to any of the categories within the dropdown tab menu in the navigation bar on top of the page. Keep in mind that by continuing to narrow the search with each step, your selection continues to filter, and the number of results will decrease throughout the search process.



Iconscent.com  uses following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Amazon Payments,



An account is charged when the order has been processed, and the billing address has been verified and confirmed.



Iconscent.com   is a New York State based company. Therefore, all orders within the state of New York will be charged a local and county sales tax to be collected by the state. Any and all orders outside of New York State will be discharged from paying a sales tax. If you are ordering from outside of New York State, but notice a sales tax on your order, please change the Shipping Destination before submission of the order.



Sales taxes will be refunded fully on all qualifying returns, and may vary on Exchangeable item depending on the price of the item. For further information about our Returns and Exchanges policy, please refer to the section pertaining to the policy.



Iconscent.com   will send occasional promotional offers and discounts to all My Aroma Members via the e-mail address provided on the member account. To become a My Aroma Member, please click here to sign up.


In the instance of a return, any Free Gift(s) must be returned in its original packaging, along with the purchased item. If a return does not include the Free Gift(s), or the Free Gift(s) are not returned in their original packaging, the value of the Gift(s) will be reduced from the credit amount. Iconscent.com   reserves the right to change or cancel this promotional offer at any time, and without written notice.



At Iconscent.com   we acknowledge the importance of our clientele, which is why we offer our customers free gifts with qualifying purchases. This feature is merely an approach to portray gratitude and keep our clientele satisfied, as our customers are of the utmost significance to our business.


Iconscent.com   is not obligated for promotional items /samples. Iconscent.com   will include Free Gifts /samples that are available in stock for qualifying orders.We do not accept the request for sending out specific samples.



Iconscent.com   may on occasion send its customers Free Gifts(s) with purchases. This is a promotional offer by Iconscent.com  . Under no circumstances may we be held responsible for dispensing Free Gifts to unqualified purchases. The free gift offer, with a qualifying purchase, will be added to the customers final shopping bag at the time of checkout. Minimum purchases to qualify for a free gift exclude shipping charges, discounts, coupons, and promotional offers, or applicable sales tax amount.



At Iconscent.com  , we guarantee customer satisfaction by offering the lowest price possible, and discounts of up to 40% off from our products. Iconscent.com  s low price guarantee conveys that we will match our competitors prices, considering that the product(s) meet the following conditions:


The product(s) being Price Matched are the same exact item.


The product(s) being Price Matched is offered by the competitor at their regular price (This means that the item cannot be on clearance or special offer by the competitor).


The product(s) being Price Matched is not discontinued or backordered by manufacturer.



If a desired product is not kept in stock by Iconscent.com   we can order the item and also price match it, provided the item has not been discontinued. Searching/obtaining special orders from vendors or distributors may take up to 2-3 business days. To request a special order, please e-mail Iconscent.com   personnel at Info@Iconscent.com   with the item information, including a link to the same item offered by the competitor we are price matching. For further information about our Special Order Policy, please refer to the section pertaining to the policy.



If an item purchased on Iconscent.com and that item has been reduced to a sale price, customers may request a price match on that item within 72 hours of the purchase date. The returning balance may either be refunded to the original payment method, or may be added to the customers My Aroma Store Credit for future use. We offer FREE STANDARD DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all purchases made with Store Credit, within the United States.To request a Price Match on a Sale Item, simply contact Iconscent.com  via e-mail at Info@Iconscent.com



To request a Competitor Price Match or Special Order, please e-mail Iconscent.com  personnel at Info@Iconscent.com  with the item information, including a link to the same item offered by the competitor we are price matching. For further information and detailed instructions about our Special Order Policy, please refer to the section pertaining to the policy.



Iconscent.com  reserves the right to alter the Price Match feature and its Terms and Conditions, at any time, and without prior notification. Iconscent.com   also reserves the right to refuse any product(S), and to confine or implement restrictions on quantities ordered. We will only Price Match one competitor, and do not offer the Price Match policy and its features to multiple competitors for any one item.



Iconscent.com   offers Gift-Wrapping services for an additional $1.99 per item. To request gift-wrapping on any item, please select the Gift Warp option provided next to each product to gift wrap an individual item, or select the Gift Wrap option at the bottom of the checkout list to gift wrap all items in your order. Iconscent.com   personnel carefully wrap each item with quality gift-wrap paper and tie it with a ribbon. Personalized messages will be printed on customized Iconscent.com   cards.



Iconscent.com   will e-mail the customer with a tracking number assigned to each package. For easy tracking purposes, Iconscent.com   will also send automatic e-mail updates regarding the status of the customers order. Click here to track your USPS order, where you will be prompted to enter a tracking (label/receipt) number. My Aroma registered members may keep track of the status of all orders including order history, in their My Aroma Account. Simply click on the My Aroma Accountoption in the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the page, and click on Order Status, or you may click on the Order History tab to view all orders. Please allow an estimated 24 hours for your tracking number to be accessible on the carriers website.



Here at Iconscent.com  , we aim to provide the fastest and most efficient service within the range of our capability. This means that our shipping department processes and ships orders as soon as possible, in the order they are received. Orders placed prior to 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) will be shipped the same day (business days only). Orders places after 1:00 pm EST, will be shipped the following day before 1:00 pm EST (business days only).A confirmation e-mail entailing the order details and tracking number will be sent to customers at the time of shipment. Iconscent.com   operates on business days only. For further information about days of operation, please refer to the Operation Days section.


Orders placed before 1:00 pm EST, will not qualify for cancellation unless they have not yet shipped.Orders placed after 1:00 pm EST must be cancelled by 1:00 pm EST following the time of the purchase (business days only). If you have not received a shipment confirmation e-mail, and would like to know if your order qualifies for cancellation, please contact us via e-mail at Customerservice@Iconscent.com


If an order has already been shipped, it may not be cancelled. Cancellation only applies to orders which have not yet been shipped. Any cancellation requestafter shipment will be considered a Return or Exchange case, and customer must follow our Returns and Exchanges Policy. For further information on Returns and Exchanges, please refer to the section pertaining to the policy.


Cancellations must be requested via e-mails to Customerservice@Iconscent.com


In cases of cancellations, the customer is responsible for any and all shipping and handling charges (provided the order has already shipped). Even if there were no initial shipping fees connected to the order (this would apply to order of free domestic shipping with $50 and above, or purchases made with Store Credit), the customer will be held responsible for all shipping charges of returned items. Such charges may include the cost of shipment for returning the item, applicable taxes, and any other qualifying fees that may apply. Any Shipping and Handling charges will not be refunded in cases of Returns, Exchanges, or Cancellations (provided the order has already shipped).



Iconscent.com inventory is continuously updated, so that we may provide our customers with clear and consistent service. Backordered, Discontinued, and Out of Stock Items will be taken out of our online database upon observation. If a Backordered, Discontinued, or Out of Stock item is ordered and the customer is not notified automatically of the discrepancy at the time of checkout, a phone call or e-mail will be made by Iconscent.com  personnel to notify the customer. If a Backordered, Discontinued, or Out of Stock item has already been ordered and paid for by a customer, Iconscent.com  will cancel and refund that item, and the customer will be notified immediately. Iconscent.com  is unable to estimate when Backordered items will be available for order. We are unable to order items which have been Discontinued, as they are no longer available by the item manufacturer. If an item is Out of Stock, Iconscent.com  will make every attempt to restock the item for the convenience of our customers. If in case a particular item is Out of Stock at the time of order, please allow us 2-3 business days to order and restock that item.



Iconscent.com  is driven to provide 100% Satisfactory Customer Service to our appreciated clientele, which is why we offer Special Order services. If we do not carry an item in stock, a request to Special Order the item may be made. Please allow us 2-3 business days to track and order the item. If we are unable to provide the requested item due to discontinuation or backorder issues, we will notify the customer immediately via phone or e-mail.

Please send Special Order requests to Info@Iconscent.com . A Special Order Request E-mail will need to entail of the following procedure:

In the e-mail Subject line, please type Special Order Request In the body of the e-mail, please provide the following information:



Product Designer


Product Name


Product Kind (EDT, EDP, Perfume, Cologne, EDC, Lotion, After Shave, Body Wash, etc.)


Product Size (OZ or ML only)


Name (First and Last)

Mailing Address

E-Mail Address

Telephone Number

Best Time to be reached by phone

Special Order shipping services and methods are the same as all other items. For further information on shipping services and methods, please refer to the Shipping section.


Because we strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we preview and inspect each item thoroughly at the time of packaging. If an item has been shipped out from our warehouse in a damaged or flawed condition, Iconscent.com  accepts 100% responsibility for that item. Otherwise Damaged, Mismatched, or Missing items are non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.


We do not take any responsibilities for any damages after shipment is received. If the item was damaged during shipment, we would replace it, but if it was damaged/broken after item is opened and used we dont send replacement as it is simply not our fault. Fragrances are very fragile and we should be very careful when we take them out of the box.



Because Iconscent.com  is dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, we have provided our loyal members with a marvelous Rewards Program. The My Aroma Rewards Program offers customers the opportunity to gain points with every dollar spent on Iconscent.com . My Aroma Points accumulate, and may be used as a form of Store Credit toward the purchase of any merchandise sold on Iconscent.com . My Aroma Points may be applied toward the cost of Gift-Wrapping Services.


For every dollar spent on Iconscent.com , members may receive a point. When My Aroma Points have reached the minimum of 500, they become eligible for use on any merchandise sold on Iconscent.com . This gives My Aroma Members the opportunity to save an additional 5% or more for every purchase of $100 or more (excluding the first $100 spent).



Every dollar is equivalent to one My Aroma Point. When a member reaches the minimum points quantity of 500, they are eligible to use those points as a form of Store Credit, toward any merchandise on our website. My Aroma Points may be applied toward the cost of Gift-Wrapping Services. Every 100 My Aroma Points is equivalent to $5 off the price of any merchandise.



In order to use My Aroma Points toward any purchase, the minimum amount of points earned must 500. Points subjected to approval. Order may be canceled if points are not approved . Canaled order will not get any points. Pervious orders must be approved and shipped in order to get points for those orders.


My Aroma Points will be applied to your purchase as a form of Store Credit. Although MY Aroma Points are applied as a form of Store Credit toward payments, they are not considered Store Credit, but merely points earned by members.


In cases of Returns purchased with My Aroma Points, the customer will lose all My Aroma Points used. My Aroma Points do not apply to any and all required taxes, costs of shipping and handling, or any other additional charges except Gift-Wrapping Services.